Sharp Tackle launched in 2014 with the aim of bringing end tackle comparable to the big brands but at lower prices. Sharp achieved this by selling direct and not going through shops and has a loyal following of anglers who want to save money without saving on quality.

In Oct 2019, Sharp was bought by James Harrison who re-branded the company, improved quality control and grew the business. In April 2021, John O'driscoll became an equal partner in the business bringing a wealth of carp fishing knowledge to the growing brand.

Sharp is now breaking out of the end tackle market with its own UK made, top end products, allowing customers to customise anything they want via a made to order service. 


James Harrison

James has been around the carp scene since the early 1980s cutting his teeth on the local club waters and early carp venues like Broadlands Lake. He has worked in virtually every aspect of carp fishing from tackle shops, to product development, guiding on Orellana and most notably from his work with Advanced Carp Fishing and Carpworld magazines. He designed the first lead release system for helicopter rigs, the Atomic Chopper Dropper, which was heralded by Carpworld as the greatest advancement in rig safety. It has since been copied by all the major brands. 
James brings an unbridled passion for carp fishing which has got him in hot water with various 'names' and brands with his outspoken views on the carp fishing trade. A trade he feels has made anglers paranoid in to buying the latest products that offer absolutely no advantage to the angler. Sharp is allowing him to bring fairly priced, high quality end tackle to the market and also an avenue to bring superior featured and superior quality, UK made products to market. If he can't make it better than anything else, he wont make it. 

John Odriscoll

John caught his first carp by design in 1969 and he has dedicated his fishing life to catching them ever since. He has fished alongside the great and the good. A member of Duncan Kay's legendary Mid Northants Syndicate at the time that Lenny Middleton and Kevin Maddocks came up with the hair rig for carp. He even crossed paths with a young Frank Warwick on its hallowed banks. 

John's influences stretch far and wide within carp fishing. He was instrumental in the first commercially available boilie roller and has worked closely with the likes of Dennis McFettrich at MCF, DNA Baits, Ridgemonkey and PB Products. 
John's carping adventures have taken him across Europe including France, Spain, Hungary and Germany. He is the antithesis of James, as John is a self-confessed rig addict who is always looking for a way to outwit that next carp. There isn't another man standing that has any more carp fishing knowledge and he is an absolute asset to Sharp Tackle.